Thursday, May 20, 2010

famille d'accueil

Okay so I have something intersting to write about. I just got my host family which has brought about a whole new wave of nevous/excited energy. According to the sparse info i have, I'm going to be living in province of Namur in the town of Perwez . Its basically right in the middle of Wallonia. I have 6 host siblings in addition to the parents but I don't know if all of them live at home. From what I can tell, its a small town of about 4000 in a rural area.

So its all pretty good essentially. I wasnt expecting to get a family for a long time so this came as a pleasant suprise. But like i said, now i'm going to have thses thoughts swirling in my head for the rest of the summer.

a bientot!

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