Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Departure info and such

Okay so I've finally gotten around to updating this thing. Since my last post I have gotten my flight info and departure info! wooooooo
I will fly from stl to jfk on August 18th and arrive there in the early afternoon. After that i'll spend that night and the rest of the next day hanging with other outbound exchanges students and doing AFS orientation stuff.
On the 19th i board a 6pm flight out of jfk and will land in Brussels at 7:40am the next day (which is complete craziness). Finally, i'll spend a couple of days there with AFS before meeting up with my host family.

I'm pretty excited and also slightly stressed and nervous. Mostly excited and ready to be in Belgium. And the stress basically comes from trying to figure out my visa application, and trying to imagine what i'm supposed to pack. I just got my visa info this week so all i got to do is get a million documents filled out and sent in to the consulate. No big deal of course.....yea right....

okay a plus tot!

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