Saturday, August 28, 2010

Offically 1 week...

Now that i have been here a week, i suppose its actually time for me to update. I feel like simultaneously there is a lot and nothing to say. Its seems like its been longer than a week since i've left thats for sure. But anyway life here in Belgium is going well. I've adjusted to the time change and am starting to get used to hearing french all the time (which btw sounds completely differnt from french class). I can understand quite a bit especially if its directed towards me. Things get more complicated when its other people talking amongst themselves. However i am horrible at speaking french and have an obnoxious american accent. But oh well. Hopefully with time thatll get better.

Earlier in the week I went to Brugge for part of the day with my host mom, two of the host sibs, and one of their friends. Brugge is apparentley the most touristy of Belgian cities but it was still fun to walk around the city and expierence Belgian fast food in the form of Quick. Next we went to the beach where i met some of my host sibs cousins and grandparents. It was really cold but i still braved the freezing water (which was actually enjoyable). So i can now say i have swam in the North Sea.

I also went earlier in the week to register for school. It dosent seem too bad yet. I believe im on the social sciences track of study (mostly because thats all i qualify for). School dosent start until Sept 6 so until then im just chillin and enjoying the rest of summer while all the MHS kids suffer through school.

until next time


  1. My school is called "MHS" too lol!! just thought i'd led you know... i miss you like CRAZY and just so you know.. i sleep with george EVERY night ;)

  2. september 6th?! im so jealous. mine starts tomorrow.. :(

  3. I wish I understood any of what people say to me! Czech is so hard! It sounds like you are having fun though!