Monday, October 4, 2010

Le weekend

So this past weekend has actually passed quite eventfully for me. Saturday morning I made homemade chocolate chip cookies. Same recipe i use in the US and all. Except not because of course it was more complicated than that. First i had to convert everything into Grams and Celsius (which wasnt actaully that easy because multiple sites gave me different answers). Then there was the actual makin the batter part. I got everything measured out okay (using all bio and farm products) but the batter was slightly sticky/liquidiy. But oh well, whats a girl to do right. Then came the time to put the chocolate and because we had no chocolate chips, my host mom had to put a chocolate bar in the food processor. Overall though the batter tasted pretty good. Then came time to bake them. In the end they needed more time but they tasted mighty good to me.
~And the whole point of me making the cookies you ask? Well i had a meeting with AFS Namur and i was supposed to bring a typical dish from the states. Basically i had no ideas so i did cookies. My host mom and I left for the meeting around 1h30 and more or less got there around 2 where i was able to meet up with all the other exchange students who live in the general area. We split into smaller groups and played games and did little activites. Also lots of just talking about how we we're doing. Not to mention almost all of this was in French and i'm happy to say i think i understood a good part of it. We then had time to snack on what else besides chocolate and waffles before we continued with activities. After our activities we're finished, we hung around and socialized with the other students and their families. It was actually pretty great and it pushed my brain into the french zone so much that when someone said something to me in English, i just responded in French. Later was the buffet of the food that all the exchange students had brought. Mmmmhhh lots of good food. And following that, even more good dessert. By the time it was finished i was completely exhausted ( i dont know why). Despite this fact, i had a good car ride home and i slept really well.
~Sunday however is another story completley. I had to get up at 8am (early for a weekend) and i went with my family to the primary school of Perwez (host village). We live right next door and teh school serves breakfast for all the neighbors (once a year i think). Later that afternoon, after lunch, i headed up to my school because i was volunteering to help with an activity. Basically theres this walk to raise money for the school and the students arrange little games and activities for points along the walk. That way each team that walks can try to win the most amount of points. So i, along with another studnet and teacher, had one of these booths. After that I met up with my host mom to eat dinner at the school as part of the event.
After all this, came the Playback. Students and groups of students at school can sign up to put together a routine and lip sync to a song. The entire Rheto (senior class) had the final spot of the night with our 13min routine. We all dressed in sweats and brightly colored tee shirts and danced to a mix of songs. Overall it was a pretty good night even though i was really tired at school the next day. I think it was probably worth it though ;)
Fun facts
At school events such as these, its perfectly ok for everyone to smoke on school grounds. As a matter of fact students and teachers can smoke during the school day as well.
In addition, the school can sell beer and wine on the school premsis. The money earned from the beer sales probably provides a large portion of the money that the school got that night.
Pretty interesting in my opinioin
thats all for now
tchao tchao


  1. I would like more updates! please and thank you!

  2. Those look pretty delicious. Were they the slightly mushy kind? cuz that's my favorite!